4/29/2013 Frost Warning

Cold Temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings

Nic Loyd, Meteorologist, 509-786-9357
Gerrit Hoogenboom, Director, 509-786-9371

Time Period
High risk: Tuesday and Wednesday mornings
Moderate risk: Thursday morning
Low risk: Friday morning and beyond

Locations Affected
Much of central and eastern Washington, and colder areas of western Washington like Olympia.

Mid 20s in colder locations to the 30s to low 40s elsewhere.

A cold and dry air mass will promote areas of frost on Tuesday morning. Although lingering wind will keep many areas in the 30s to low 40s, wind sheltered areas could quickly drop into the mid 20s. The most likely cold areas on Tuesday morning are sheltered parts of the Yakima Valley, the Okanogan region, and eastern Washington. With less wind on Wednesday morning, colder temperatures are generally expected, as more locations drop below freezing. Once again, mid 20s are expected in colder locations, with 30s elsewhere.

Areas that are most likely to be colder on Wednesday morning relative to Tuesday morning are low lying areas of south central Washington such as the Tri-Cities area and the Basin, as well as areas that remain breezy tonight and tomorrow morning. Some areas from Wenatchee to the Okanogan, as well as certain slope and hilltop regions, may experience similar or even warmer conditions by Wednesday morning.

Isolated frost is still likely on Thursday morning at the coldest sites, although safe conditions are expected for most areas. The coldest areas may fall into the upper 20s to low 30s, while most areas will be in the mid 30s to mid 40s. Milder temperatures will mean safe conditions in all areas beginning on Friday morning.

Please continue to monitor AgWeatherNet for weather forecast updates during this variable and critical time period. The Frost Risk page is updated daily, and additional frost risk detail will be available in the Friday outlook. For questions or further information, please contact Nic Loyd, (509)786-9367, nicholas.loyd@wsu.edu.

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