AgWeatherNet Frost Warning for April 5 to April 7, 2012

Widespread Frost Likely Thursday through Saturday Morning

Nic Loyd, Meteorologist, 509-786-9357
Gerrit Hoogenboom, Director, 509-786-9371

Frost is likely across parts of Washington beginning on Thursday morning. Widespread near to below freezing temperatures are expected late tonight in many areas east of the Cascades, especially if skies are clear. Temperatures will be cold on Friday and Saturday mornings as well. This will be the most significant frost event of the season to date. It is expected that frost protection will be required in some areas for three consecutive mornings beginning on Thursday morning. Although uncertainty still exists regarding the exact temperatures, it appears that a few of the coldest areas may drop into the low to mid 20s, while most areas will fall into the upper 20s to low 30s.

The most likely danger areas in central Washington will be the Yakima Valley, Okanogan region, and parts of the Basin. The risk is less in the Tri-Cities and Wenatchee regions. Eastern Washington will likely be cold, with subfreezing overnight temperatures in the Pullman and Spokane areas. Sheltered, inland areas of western Washington, such as the typically cold regions outside of Olympia, may be 30 to 32 degrees tonight, although much of western Washington will be above freezing. It appears that temperatures may be similar or slightly colder on Friday and Saturday mornings across Washington.

The current forecast suggests that it will be milder by Sunday morning, with only a slight chance of frost in the coldest areas. After Sunday, it appears that temperatures will be much warmer with minimal chances of frost for the early to mid part of next week.

Washington State University