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Jan 27, 2022 10:00 PM
Leaf wetness:
99999 unity
Precipitation (Today):
99999 inches
Precipitation (24 Hour):
99999 inches
99999 inches
NA99999 mph
1155 feet
April, 25 1989

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Additional Information:

This station is commonly called Roza.2 and the closest city is Prosser, Benton County, Washington within the 99350 zipcode. The weather in Prosser is very similar to the observations made by the weather instruments and sensors of this station. The coordinates of this station are latitude 46.29°, longitude -119.73°, elevation 1155 ft. and can be viewed on the map. The weather station was installed on April 25, 1989 and historical data are available from that date through January 27, 2022. The most recent maintenance of the weather sensors at this station by the AgWeatherNet Team was conducted on October 06, 2021. The nearest stations are Roza.2 which is 0.0 miles away, Prosser.NE which is 3.1 miles away and McWhorter which is 5.4 miles away. If you would like more information about this weather station Roza.2, historical reports, model predictions, weather projections, or access to run models and decisions aids using AgWeatherNet data, please register at our web site and log in.

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