WSU AgWeatherNet Field Day 2022

March 4, 2022 10:00 AM - Noon During this open house-style event, AgWeatherNet staff will be on-site at the weather station at the WSU Mt Vernon Research & Extension Center giving an overview of the station and sensors as well as answering questions.

Locations: 3 Locations are available, choose the PDF file below for your preferred location for a map and GPS coordinates.
NOTE: Due to staffing issues, we are unable to conduct field at WSU Wenatchee on March 4; AWN will provide schedule (date/time) for this location in next few weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mt. Vernon Prosser Pullman

WSU Weather School 2022


Goal: Improve stakeholder understanding on how weather data is collected, QA/Qc'ed and how to use the data & (model-) data products in their crop production management decision making or resource conservation. Improve basic know-how (i.e. knowledge base) on private weather station installs, maintenance and data crowd-sourcing through AWN ecosystem for greater good.

Target Audience: Agricultural decision makers; Crop consultants & service providers; Conservation district representatives; Researchers & Policy Makers; Weather Enthusiasts & General Public

Full Day Conference
February 4, 2022 (Virtual)

  • Climate Trends
  • How AWN acquires weather data?
  • Weather sensing
  • Principles; Site/Sensors selection
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Data quality and products
  • AWN hardware and web portal navigation
  • Private station options
Field Days
March 4, 2022
WSU-Wenatchee, Prosser, Pullman, Mount Vernon

  • Show-n-tell
  • Principles; Site/Sensors selection
  • Installation and maintenance

When: February 4, 2022

Where: Virtual Conference

Registration Fee: $0/ attendee

Register at: Registration - Opens Dec 22, 2021

Cancellations: allowed.

Substitution: allowed.

For workshop information please contact
Lav Khot,,
Jenny Bolivar,,
Gwen Hoheisel, or
Karen Lewis,

Draft Agenda


8:00 AM: Welcome. Welcome, Announcements, and Statement of Objectives.

8:10 AM: Keynote Address. Climate, Why does it matter? - Speaker Nicholas Bond

8:45 AM: Meteorology Basics Speaker Joe Boomgard-Zagrodnik

9:15 AM: AgWeatherNet Overview Speaker Lav Khot

9:40 AM: Weather Sensing: Principals & AWN Tiers Speaker Jon Contezac

10:15 AM: Break

10:30 AM: Weather Sensing: Principals & AWN Tiers Speaker Jon Contezac

10:55 AM: Soil Water Potential & Temperature Sensing Speaker R. Troy Peters

11:25 AM: AgWeatherNet Web Portal Speaker Sean Hill

11:45 AM: Questions and Answers Moderator Gwen Hoheisel

12:00 PM: Lunch

12:30 AM: Weather Sensing: Adding Private Stations to AWN Speakers Jon Contezac & Sean Hill

12:50 AM: Weather Data Quality Assurance Speaker Bryan Curtis

1:15 PM: Private Weather Station Options Speaker from Davis, Meter, METOS, Wiseconn, Hobo

1:50 PM: Questions and Answers Moderator Karen Lewis

2:05 PM: Survey, Announcements Moderator Jenny Bolivar

2:15 PM: Concurrent Sessions Key weather data driven products.
Choose 1:

  • Breakout Session 1:
    • Cold Hardiness of Grapes, Blueberries, and Cherries, Speaker Gwen Alyn Hoheisel
  • Breakout Session 2:
    • DAS - Potatoes, Speaker Carrie Wohleb

2:35 PM: Concurrent Sessions Key weather data driven products.
Choose 1:

  • Breakout Session 3:
    • DAS Overview, Speaker Dave Crowder
  • Breakout Session 4:
    • Forecasting station specific weather (cold/heat stress), Speaker Matt Cann

2:55 PM: Adjourn

Washington State University