Yakima Valley/Central Basin Observed Lows

Additional Minimum Temperatures can be Viewed on the AgWeatherNet Home Page Map by Selecting 'Min Air Temp Since 7pm' From the Drop Down Menu

Minimum Temperatures Observed the Morning of 2021-05-15
Moses Lake Airport 50Prosser Airport 46
Yakima Airport 56Wapato.SENA
Gromore (CW)NAW.Wapato (CW) 47
Summitview Ext. (CW) 52Lombard Loop (CW)NA
Cowiche 54Buena 52
Tieton.NNACherry HillNA
E.Tieton (CW) 55Sunnyside Airport 47
Naches Hghts (CW) 55Grandview 46
Naches 47Prosser.NNA
Gleed.NE (CW Gleed) 50Whitstran (CW) 46
Selah-Speyers (CW) 42Benton CityNA
Ponoma 52South KennewickNA
Moxee.N (CW Moxee) 54E.Kennewick (CW) 48
N.Wapato (CW)NA100 Circles 52
Quincy 58Radar Hill 60
Mattawa.E 60Ringold 50
Frenchman 53Pasco Airport 50
Royal City.E 57Fishhook 45
Benton.W 55George (USBR) 49
All Stations are AgWeatherNet Stations
(CW) = Indicates an Absorbed Clearwest Station
(CW XXX) = Indicates an Absorbed Clearwest Station and Original Name of Clearwest Station
Blossom Degree Days the Morning of 2021-05-15
Yakima Airport1886Pasco Airport2278

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