Tier 3 Maintenance and Troubleshooting

All stations

  • Participants are required to ensure that batteries solar power is functioning, batteries are holding sufficient charge, data loggers are recording measurements and data is uploading properly.
  • Stations should be wiped down with clean water and cloth at least twice a year. A dirty station will record biased measurements.
  • Check at both installation and during biannual maintenance visits to ensure station is level—a major source of error.
  • AWN will send an automated email if Quality Assurance algorithms detect a potential sensor failure, sensor drift, or other problems. It is the responsibility of Tier 3 participants to resolve problems, working with the instrument manufacturer as necessary.
  • AWN staff will provide troubleshooting assistance should there be problems with integration into the AWN network.

Davis Instruments

  • Maintenance requirements and guidance to be developed.

METER Group stations

  • Replace relative humidity daughter board every two years.
  • Replace funnel and solar radiation sensor every two years.
  • Replace datalogger AA rechargeable batteries every two years.
Washington State University