Tier 3 Overview

AgWeatherNet (AWN) has initiated a "Tier 3" program, starting in 2020, to incorporate approved private weather stations into our network of AWN-maintained stations (Tiers 1 and 2) and federal government stations (Tier 0).

AWN does not charge for participation in this program, but does ask that all participants share their data (through AWN) with NOAA and the National Weather Service—and not share data with any public network other than AWN.

Participants are responsible for station purchase, installation, maintenance, and annual weather station provider data service charges.

Participant benefits include:

  • Site-specific application of AWN decision support tools via;
  • AWN data management;
  • AWN Quality Assurance / Quality Control processes; and
  • AWN site-specific weather forecasting (under development).

User Access

All Tier 3 stations are privately purchased, installed and maintained.

By default Tier 3 stations are open access for all AgWeatherNet. Accessibility is no different than that for AWN-maintained stations. Private station owners can opt for restricted access to their stations on AWN platforms. For restricted access stations, AWN generates a station-specific key code that the owner and those they designate can use to access the station.

Tier 3 options:

  • Tier 3a – Open access
  • Tier 3b – Restricted access

Poorly maintained stations will automatically be designated Tier 3b to restrict public access.

Tier 3 Station Terms of Service

The "station owner" for the purposes of this agreement is the individual or organization responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining a private weather station. AgWeatherNet (AWN) is a Washington State University program maintaining hardware and software that serves Pacific Northwest agricultural weather data and decision-support needs. An AgWeatherNet "Tier 3" station is a privately owned station that has been incorporated into AgWeatherNet at the request of the station owner. If a Tier 3 station owner designates station access as restricted ("Tier 3b"), only users possessing an AWN-generated, station-specific access key can access this station via AWN platforms. All other Tier 3 stations (Tier 3a) will be default be accessible to all AWN users.

For privately owned, installed and maintained weather stations to be incorporated into AgWeatherNet the station owner must agree to the following terms:

  • The private weather station to be incorporated into AgWeatherNet must meet hardware and maintenance requirements;
  • AgWeatherNet has permission to use all Tier 3 data for research, spatial modeling, site-specific forecasting, quality assurance processes, and related operations;
  • AgWeatherNet has permission to deliver near real-time Tier 3 station data to the National Mesonet Program, accessible only to U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Weather Service staff;
  • The station owner will not provide weather station data access to any other public weather network (e.g. Weather Underground);
  • AWN assumes no responsibility for protecting and limiting the dissemination of Tier 3b access keys;
  • Station owners retain data ownership rights where not otherwise specified;
  • AWN takes reasonable precautions to prevent data loss or public data breaches, but Washington State University neither guarantees data security, nor assumes legal liability for potential data losses or public data breaches;
  • AgWeatherNet assumes no responsibility for station maintenance or weather station provider data service fees;
  • Poorly maintained stations will automatically be designated Tier 3b to limit public access;
  • Though AgWeatherNet intends to continue this service into the foreseeable future, this agreement may be terminated without penalty by AgWeatherNet with a 6-month notice; and
  • Station owners may withdraw from the AWN Tier 3 program at any time, providing AWN with a 30-day notice to remove the station from the network.

WSU Decision Aid System (DAS)

DAS models are now available to use with Tier 3 stations. For more information regarding DAS and Tier 3 stations, please visit https://decisionaid.systems/private-stations-terms-and-conditions

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