Current Outlook
7/21/2017 Dry and Warmer than Normal Weather Continues
“It should hardly come as shocking news that dry and very warm weather is likely in the coming days. However, as has been the case so far this summer, there are still plenty of regional subtleties to discuss in terms of day to day temperature variation. Hot conditions on Saturday..”

Recent Outlooks
7/14/2017 Parched July Weather Continues
“The next seven days will be characterized by eastern heat, occasional breezes, morning marine layers in the west, and abundant sunshine. Careful consideration of these facts leads to just one conclusion: It must be summer in Washington. Winds should be increasing on Saturday, as cooler marine air begins to spill into a very hot eastern Washington...”

7/7/2017 Hot and Dry Weather Continues Into Mid July
“Excessive heat will continue to periodically plague areas east of the Cascades in the coming days, as parched summer weather looks to remain persistently entrenched over the region. The general trend in time is expected to be hot weekend temperatures yielding to less hot conditions by Monday, as a breezy push of marine air temporarily ameliorates the heat. Later in the period, however, the east may experience another round of hot weather...”

6/30/2017 Very Warm and Dry Through Monday; Hotter Later Next Week
“In keeping with the character of the season so far, the weather in the coming days will be mainly hot and dry, with modest breezes at times. Although it should be much warmer than normal, 2015 temperature levels are thankfully not anticipated. Western Washington can expect just enough marine influence to periodically take the edge off of the heat...”

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