Current Outlook

5/26/2020 Warming trend to continue with well above average temps by weeks end

“Weather conditions look to continue to warm and to remain dry through most of the week as a zonal flow pattern continues to dominate the Pacific Northwest. A short lived ridge looks to move in from the west by weeks end, helping to pump day time high temperatures well above average for this time of year...”

Recent Outlooks

5/22/2020 A cold Friday night followed by a drying and warming trend statewide next week

“First, many AgWeatherNet stations recorded overnight low temperatures in the mid 30s throughout the upper Yakima Valley last night (Thursday night). And the Moxee.SE station even recorded 32 as the overnight low...”

5/18/2020 Unsettled weather through the week and briefly dry over the weekend

“Weather conditions this week continue to look quite unsettled. An upper level low looks to continue to move south along the west coast and into the Great Basin...”

5/15/2020 An unsettled and wet period throughout the state

“Conditions look to remain dry and continue to trend dry through the state today (Friday). However, this will be short lived as the quickly passing low amplitude ridge continues to move east...”

5/11/2020 Persistent low off the coast to bring unsettled conditions through most of the week

“A low-pressure system will slowly meander from south to north off the Oregon and Washington coast through Thursday. This will cycle consistent moisture into the state from the south, bringing frequent rain showers west of the Cascades. Rain showers are also expected to the east of the Cascades during the period, though these will be fewer in number. Throughout the state, some of these showers could produce some thunder and lightning. Rainfall values in the drought-stricken areas of Central Wash..”

5/8/2020 A dry and mild weekend with a wet week to follow

“A rather unusual weather pattern for late spring looks to continue to build over North America through the weekend and into next week. A very high amplitude, short wavelength ridge continues to build over the west coast and into the high arctic of Alaska...”

5/5/2020 A cold front to pass Wednesday followed by quickly recovering warm temperatures

“The chilly overnight temperatures observed last night (Sunday night) look to trend warmer as anticipated in Fridays outlook. However, a slight hiccup in the warming trend looks to take place Wednesday night as a one more cold front looks to pass through the Pacific Northwest bringing cold overnight temperatures and widespread precipitation before a high amplitude ridge builds over the west coast...”

5/1/2020 A few chilly nights over the weekend and early next week followed by a warming trend

“A strong jet stream and the broad trough associated with it continue to reside over the north Pacific. This looks to keep the Pacific Northwest in an active weather pattern for the weekend...”

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