Current Outlook
5/26/2017 Very Warm and Mainly Dry Through Tuesday; Possibly Cooler Thereafter
“Strong warming and mainly dry conditions will be the main weather highlights through early next week, as another ridge of high pressure assumes residence over Washington. A lack of robust offshore air flow suggests that the coast should never become excessively warm, although most of the state is expected to observe several days of hot weather...”

Recent Outlooks
5/19/2017 Much Warmer Weather Expected for Early Next Week
“The main weather headline in the coming days will be much warmer and summer-like conditions, as a large ridge of high pressure becomes the dominant atmospheric circulation feature over the Northwest. Given the expected ridge placement near the coast, along with potential offshore flow, western Washington is also expected to be quite hot early next week...”

5/12/2017 Cool and Unsettled Through Tuesday; Warmer and Drier Later in the Period
“The weather will feel more like early to mid spring in the coming days, as a cool trough of low pressure lingers over the region through the beginning of next week. Unsettled conditions, including scattered showers and breezes, are expected periodically through at least Tuesday. Although daytime temperatures look to be particularly cool (relative to normal), isolated frost is possible east of the Cascades just about any morning through the middle of next week...”

5/5/2017 Cooler This Weekend; Warmer and Drier Early Next Week
“In the aftermath of the recent volatile conditions, the weather should begin to stabilize this weekend and especially early next week. Although the pattern will remain changeable, the active regime and rapid temperature swings of the past few days are likely to subside somewhat in the short term...”

4/28/2017 Scattered Frost on Saturday Morning; Becoming Much Warmer Next Week
“In the parlance of American Icon and Hollywood megastar John Wayne, it is going to get warm next week, pilgrim. We all knew that it would happen at some point, and it seems that early May is the chosen moment. At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, I do strive to highlight realistic but positive aspects of coming weather patterns for all folks...”

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