Dr. Gary Grove, Interim Director and Professor of Plant Pathology
Dr. Gary Grove
Interim Director and Professor of Plant Pathology
Rebecca Boose, Fiscal Technician 1
Rebecca Boose
Fiscal Technician 1
Nic Loyd, Meteorologist/Associate in Research
Nic Loyd
Meteorologist/Associate in Research
Sean E. Hill, Operations Manager
Sean E. Hill
Operations Manager
Christine Cromar, Fiscal Specialist 2
Christine Cromar
Fiscal Specialist 2
Ericka Forsi, Field Technical Coordinator
Ericka Forsi
Field Technical Coordinator
Otari Ioseliani, Associate in Research
Otari Ioseliani
Associate in Research
Waylan Funk, Administrative Assistant
Waylan Funk
Administrative Assistant
William Baumgartner, Research Operations Engineer
William Baumgartner
Research Operations Engineer
Corydon Funk, Technical Assistant 1, 2012-2017
Corydon Funk
Technical Assistant 1, 2012-2017
Faculty and Research Associates
Dr. Melba Salazar, Assistant Research Professor
Dr. Melba Salazar
Assistant Research Professor
Graduate Students
Jonathan Gramann, PhD Graduate Student
Jonathan Gramann
PhD Graduate Student
Ying-Tsui Wang, PhD Graduate Student
Ying-Tsui Wang
PhD Graduate Student
Andres Pena, PhD Graduate Student
Andres Pena
PhD Graduate Student
Hector Camargo, MSc Graduate Student
Hector Camargo
MSc Graduate Student
Washington State University