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03/10/2022 Paid Internships available through the WSU AgWeatherNet program

By AgWeatherNet, Washington State University
"AgWeatherNet (AWN) is hiring up to 4 PAID INTERNS FOR 2022. The interns will work directly with AWN team members in the following tasks: maintaining weather station equipment; locating appropriate sites for station placement; configuring and installing new stations, sensors, and related equipment; ensuring sensors are calibrated; implementing, improving, interpreting data quality assurance algorithms; and user experience enhancements in web services. Additionally, the interns will work with AWN researchers on data analysis projects that advance AWN performance and capabilities. "...

02/28/2022 AgWeatherNet Field Day

"During this open house-style event, AgWeatherNet staff will be on-site at the weather station at the WSU Mt Vernon Research & Extension Center giving an overview of the station and sensors as well as answering questions."...

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